Jan 6, 2016

Way cool man cave items I saw during a retro treasure hunt..

During a visit to the flea market last year, I saw some great items that would nicely compliment any retro "Man cave".  Behold..

 Decorative Beer mirrors

Dig that beautiful hair and risque 80s fashion!  I so wanted to bring these home for my office, but in the end.. I thought it best not to test the patience and composure of my long suffering bride.

 Retro looking Tin Signs

Perfect for any Man cave, garage, or home bar.

Bric-a-Brac for the Retro Male..

 Stone Cold Americana

 For the beer enthusiast.. a retro Coors Beer Barrel Bottle

 Aviator mini bust.. possibly of an aging Charles Lindbergh

 Rifle decanter
I'd love to see the look on my bride's face if she caught me drinking Rum out of the tip of this two foot spirit decanter.

 Tiki's always add a rustic and exotic touch to any setting

I really have to watch myself whenever I visit flea markets and thrift shops.  I felt the need to pull the trigger and buy every one of these items, but in the end was able to restrain myself.  I've developed a greater amount of self control over the years in regards to my retro treasure hunting, and my bride is ever so grateful.

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