Nov 19, 2015

70s Retro Disney Lunchboxes

It's something I've avoided doing for years, but I finally pulled the trigger a couple of years ago and dipped my toes into the hobby of collecting lunchboxes.  There's an infinite variety of retro lunch boxes that appeal to many of my pop culture interests, so if I don't watch it, I can foresee myself soon getting buried with them.  Nevertheless, it's a risk I'm willing to take, and I'm jumping head first into the hobby.  My first two purchases were both Disney themed, and I couldn't be happier with them..

 Disney World Lunch Box and Thermos, circa 1976
I love both front and back scenes on this lunch box.  The front features Mickey, Donald, and Pluto riding Casey Jr. the Train, and the retro artwork is wrapped with a railroad border.  The backside of the lunch box features a Country Bear Jamboree scene.  The art that's wrapped around the sides of the lunch box features different areas of the theme park, and also exudes a wonderful retro vibe..

The above lunch box design was used for a limited edition release called "The Florida Project Walt Disney World Lunchbox and pin collection".  The replica lunch box measured 6.8" tall by 8.6" wide and 4" deep, and was limited to 500 pieces.   It was basically the same lunch box you see above, only in smaller form. 

The pins included in the lunch box were of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pluto, and a mini lunch box.  The character pins had magnetic features to allow all three to be connected like a train, just like the scene on the front of the lunch box.

Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom
Wonderful World lunch box circa 1979

I remember wishing I could get the lunchbox above, back when I was almost ten years old.  At that time however, I wanted to fit in with my friends and thought that toting around a lunch box with Mickey Mouse on it would make me look like a baby.  Therefore, I sadly passed it up and opted for something else that was still close to my heart.. a STAR WARS themed lunch box.  

So in 2013.. I finally got the lunch box I wanted so badly back in 79' thus filling a small 34 year void, and getting back a part of my childhood.

I really dig this Magic Kingdom/Wonderful World lunch box.  It features art from my three favorite rides at Disney World being; The Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Other attractions featured are Space Mountain, The Jungle Cruise, and Cinderella's Castle.  I also dig seeing Mickey Mouse's two feisty nephews Morty and Ferdie on this lunchbox.  Not sure what ever happened to those two little guys, but I remember seeing them in comic and story books for the duration of my childhood.

These lunch boxes are fine additions to my collection.  They not only display incredibly well, but they bring back tons of childhood memories and Disney magic to the table as well.


  1. These Disney boxes are real winners! I love old lunch boxes, they're like mini comic books! My Dad got my hoked on it with his vintage Superman and Adam-12 boxes.

    I even like plastic lunch boxes from the 90's, no fear of rust when you keep using them as lunch boxes as God intneded.

    1. Adam-12! What a great show!! I truly love it to this day. I've also almost bought some plastic lunchboxes in the past. I haven't yet.. but I did buy an old Mario Bros lunchbox and thermos for my sons collection. Great bits of pop culture to collect indeed!


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