Aug 16, 2015

August 16th is Bratsgiving!

by Darrin Vindiola

Now.. I have heard of and celebrated National Bratwurst Day in the past, but Johnsonville has taken this special day for Brat lovers to a whole new level.  Johnsonville along with Brat enthusiasts everywhere, will be celebrating "Bratsgiving" today on August 16th.

It’s only fitting for Johnsonville to celebrate this important holiday by affectionately referring to it now as “Bratsgiving Day.”
This special holiday devoted to bratwurst takes place annually, as a day where everyone can celebrate quality sausage and memorable times with family and friends. Johnsonville is giving a new twist to this very important holiday, by creating a video, starring the Johnsonville "Brattender", who brings together elements of other national holidays as he celebrates his rendition of Bratsgiving Day.
I have been a fan of Johnsonville Brats for as long as I can remember, so I was ecstatic when Johnsonville reached out to me after seeing some of my grilling photos on my Instagram account last week.  They sent me a great Bratsgiving package which included a ceramic trivet and grilling apron, both of which were emblazoned with Johnsonville's amazing Bratsgiving logo.

I never need much of an excuse to grill up some Johnsonville Brats, but the news of Bratsgiving definitely lit a fire under me.  I ran out to the market and stocked up on some assorted Johnsonville Brats and sausages for this most special day.

Ready to leisurely grill up some tasty Johnsonville goodness!

Bacon wrapped Beef Brats, and Jalapeno Cheddar Sausages

Folks tend to grill up Brats on holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and of course the Fourth of July.  For me however, it's a year round affair, and Johnsonville Brats are my go-to bratwurst.  I love making Beer Brats using beer that I home brew myself.  When Oktoberfest nears, I celebrate the occasion with great beer, and brats that are piled high with sauerkraut.  Once winter arrives, I often grill up brats and then smother them with some nice hot chili.  I've added Brats to everything from macaroni and cheese to pizza, and am always trying to think of new and creative ways to incorporate them into various dishes.

With as many ways that you can enjoy Johnsonville Brats, I decided to keep it simple on this day of Bratsgiving. Let's face it, sometimes simpler is better!  Relishing in this simple meal of Brats, potato chips and beer on such a fine summer day, had me feeling like I was on cloud nine.  Ah, the simple things!

If you missed out on properly celebrating today, don't beat yourself up.  Every day can be Bratsgiving by simply throwing a few Johnsonville Brats on the grill.  Just be sure to mark your calendar for next years celebration!

 On a side note.. Johnsonville will also be active with its #bratsgiving conversations on its social platforms (Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest) so make sure to check them out.  For the latest recipes, contests and the Big Taste Grill tour schedule, visit

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