Nov 4, 2014

Negra Modelo. The perfect complement to an afternoon with the guys

Negra Modelo reached out to me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I'd like to participate in their "perfect complement campaign".  They told me they would spring for lunch or dinner for a mini event, showcasing a food infused gathering that Negra Modela might nicely complement.

Having enjoyed Negra Modelo for years, I jumped at the chance to participate, and immediately knew what kind of gathering I would have.  I got together on a Saturday afternoon with my buddy Mark, his uncle Lee, and his father Dave, for a barbecue and some "guy time".   You can view the video, and get more details on our afternoon below..

(Best viewed in 720 or 1080p HD)

As you can see from the video, there are two generations of guys that I got together for this shoot.  I really respect Mark's father and uncle, and have always enjoyed their company.  They've stopped by to visit with us in the past, while Mark and I home brew beer as we often do.  They observe us taking part in a hobby we love, and take an interest in various aspects of our lives that we talk about.  We in turn listen with fascination to their stories, experiences, and wisdom, and try to glean everything we can during these visits.

A Mexican themed meal seemed like the obvious direction to go for this Modelo inspired event, so I prepared some fajitas a day prior to the barbecue, and marinated them with Negra Modelo beer.  

I'm no stranger to cooking with beer, but my buddy Mark has always told me that it's a waste of beer to cook with it.  On this day however, when asked if marinating the fajitas with Negra Modelo was indeed a waste of beer.. Mark answered with a resounding "Heck No!"

Mark and his Dad were all too happy to handle the grilling, and I truly couldn't have done a better job myself.  The steak fajita strips were cooked to perfection, both tender and juicy.

Mark's Dad tended to an array of peppers and onions, carefully seasoning and helping them along until they were exploding with flavor.  Finally, everything simultaneously came together and was ready to eat.  Dave warmed some freshly made tortillas, and our feast began!

All of us are all huge Blues music fans, and Dave played a backdrop of Blues all afternoon that solidified a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.  It truly helped us to cast our cares aside, De-stress, and take time to appreciate the finer things in life, like friends, the beautiful weather, and simply being alive. I for one haven't felt that relaxed and at peace for quite some time.

So as you can see, Negra Modelo was the perfect complement to our get-together.  While the food and Negra Modelo were definitely the catalyst for our gathering, it was about much more than that.  The hours we spent talking, laughing, and taking a break from our hectic lives, were good for our souls.  We'd all like to thank Modelo for giving us an excuse to get together, because too often we don't take the time to do so. 

Catch up with Negra Modelo online..


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